About us

Thomas McNamara

Chief Executive Officer

Thomas is a successful entrepreneur and business expert with over 7 years experience in successful business start-ups. Before he was even old enough to legally drive a car, he purchased a classic 1959 fishing boat with a small engine that he restored and brought out to the water for the first time in October to hit the frigid Minnesota waters to ski. He recognized his passion for business and water sports in 2019 when he began making strategic moves to create a marine service experience that puts customer convenience first. After a few years of planning, Awaken was born from his deep passion for growing business, supporting local economies, and making a positive impact on the world we live in.

Nick LeMay

Chief Operations Officer

Nick came from the agricultural industry with a long-developed passion for helping to conserve and protect natural resources without sacrificing the utilization of them for human necessity and enjoyment. His first boat was a 9.5ft Jon boat handed down from his uncle, which he took down to the river by his house to spend countless hours fishing and duck hunting from it. He loves spending time on the water during all four seasons of the year, and especially enjoys getting first-timers involved in the sport. 

His interest in business leadership drove him to become a part of the Awaken story and develop it into a brand that incorporates modern business practices into the world of marine sales and services across the Midwest. 

Hali Larson

Sales Manager

Hali enjoys the outdoors and being active. She loves to surf and be on the water during the summer. Her experience in small business makes her a well-rounded person. She has a strong heart and a passion for helping people. Her love for fashion, creative approach, and attention to detail will assist customers in finding what they are looking for.   

Scott Farkas

Lead Mechanic 

Fishing is not a hobby of Scott's, it is an obsession. For as long as he has been able to, he spends time on the water chasing various freshwater and saltwater species. He has organized and managed numerous fishing competitions and taken home multiple trophies over the years. His love and passion for the water has driven him to a career in the marine industry where he has honed his skills as a mechanic to become a Certified Technician for major brands, like YAMAHA, Mercury, and Honda. He leads our service department with over 14 years of professional experience, and a Marine Tech Degree from Northwood Technical College. He and his team are ready to take care of you and your marine service needs with the utmost quality. 

Why we started

Awaken started for a simple reason, bring convenience and simplicity to getting out on the water and enjoying more free time in the outdoors.  

How we have evolved

AWAKEN is in a constant state of evolution with a constant focus on helping to bring the newest technologies that align with our vision to the market quickly to better satisfy our partners and environment.  

Who our people are

AWAKEN believes in a strong and unified vision. All team members are viewed equally regardless of title and are dedicated to one thing in our daily mission, to get everyone on the water faster, easier, and longer.

What we want to achieve

We want to help bring everyone regardless of age, gender, income, or location out on the water and do it in a way that protects our resources for generations to come. As an active community we don't plan to stay stagnant for long. Awaken is preparing to expand into other specialties and services in the years to come, time will tell exactly what those are, but rest assured we are excited to continue to work hard and grow to serve you better as time goes on. 

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